Some of our Jewellery may look the same as traditional jewellery, but it is most definitely different.

The key to the concept is the interchangeable components that allow you to wear and style them in many different ways and combinations. Or simply wear each component on its own.

The Connector Jewels necklace set typically consists of 4 individual components;

- Top section,

- Bottom section,

- Pair of 'Connectors'.

Connector Jewels components can be incorporated together or swapped between sets. Then when adding more components to your collection, your styling, length and color options become almost endless.

We have counted more than 20 combinations and ways to wear just one set of 4 components! (using a 3 strand set)

Note; We use strong magnets. So please always slide the magnets apart (sideways) rather than pulling them apart. This will prevent unnecessary strain on the components.