So why should you buy a Connector jewels Necklace?


Original Innovators

We believe CJ was the original innovator of the 4 section transforming necklace back in 2011. Since we have been continuously improving quality and pricing point to ensure the optimal product at a reasonable price.

Sure there are imitators out there, but look closely at the differences...


Ethically Produced

Our components are sourced from suppliers from both in Australia and from around the world. But only after our Proprietor personally visits the manufacturer to ensure working conditions are satisfactory. Sourcing countries include Italy, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam, China and of course Australia.

We actually go to great lengths to source out people in need, whether a family, a struggling artisan or silversmith, or a community, then work with them to teach them how to produce our components and generate an income they may desperately need. And recently working with women to build self esteem.



All our necklaces are assembled in Australia and undergo detailed quality checks.

To ensure optimal durability, we hand weld each jump ring on our clasps to ensure they wont come apart. And almost all necklaces are hand strung and knotted.

We also produce a full range of unique and custom designs made with sterling silver, pearls, and rare stones. Also check our Facebook page for these limited releases.


Custom CJ Clasp

Unlike other magnetic clasps, the Connector Jewels NEW magnetic clasp design prevents the magnet from being dislodged from the clasp.

This clasp is the result of 3 years research and development, dozens of prototypes and over 2,500 testing samples.

Additionally, the clasp is made from high grade Stainless Steel specifically selected to withstand corrosion and wear and minimise irritation for those whose skin may be sensitive to some metals.

We are very proud of this clasp which we are sure you will appreciate and have for many years! And hence we have PATENTED this unique clasp design.

 Note: Currently some of our necklaces are fitted with the prior CJ clasp design. It too is custom designed and fabricated from 316 Stainless Steel. The Mark 10 is slowly being fitted across the full range of CJ Necklaces. If you wish to ensure the NEW clasp is fitted to your necklace, please send us a note via the Contact Us link on our website.



We stand behind our product. We offer a 2 year warranty on the mark 10 clasp against failure, and a 12 month warranty on the necklace itself for normal wearing conditions. You wont find that confidence in quality and commitment with any others.