Keep Out of Reach of Children

Connector Jewels jewellery is fun to play with. However they are not toys. Due to the small components they may present hazzards such as choking, or the strong magnets pinching soft skin when the clasps close.

Pacemakers and Other Health Devices

Health devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators may be sensitive to strong magnetic fields. Please seek medical advice regarding affects of magnets on any health devices or conditions.

Note; some believe magnets may have health benefits however we make no such claim for our products.

Electronics Devices

Some electronic devices such as televisions, computer screens, and cell phones may be affected by strong magnetic fields. It is advised to keep the magnetic clasps away from any susceptible electronic devices.

Magnetic Storage Media

Any magnetic field may cause damage to magnetic storage media. Items at risk include floppy disks, credit cards, video tapes and computer hard drives. Do not allow any magnet within close proximity to any type of magnetic media.