Introducing the Connector Jewels Clasp

Unlike other magnetic clasps, the Connector Jewels clasp design prevents the magnet from being dislodged from the clasp.

This clasp is the result of 3 years research and development, dozens of prototypes and over 2,500 testing samples.

Additionally, the clasp is made from high grade materials such as 316 Stainless Steel specifically selected to withstand corrosion and wear and minimise irritation for those whose skin may be sensitive to some metals.

We are very proud of this clasp which we are sure you will appreciate and have for many years!


The CJ clasp design is patented

Note: Currently some of our necklaces are fitted with the prior CJ clasp design. It to is custom designed and fabricated from 316 Stainless Steel. The M10 is slowly being fitted across the full range of CJ Necklaces.