Want to Send a Gift to Someone Special?

Connector Jewels is the perfect gift. Not only will the receiver love the versatility but it allows you and them to continue adding to the gift.

During the checkout process, simply tell us the name, address and your message and we will package and send accordingly.

We can even send the items internationally. Contact us first on the link below and we will be happy to help with that special gift to someone abroad.

Want to Give a Subtle 'prompt' to a Spouse or Friend?

Some times your partner or friends need a gentle hint on what you like. We can help.

  • Email a link; when viewing a product, there is an option to send a link to the product to someone else. That will take them directly to that product.
  • Share a Wishlist; if you want to give them several options, you can create a wishlist of all your favorites. Then share the list via their email address.
  • Facebook; why not broadcast your favorites to all? When viewing a product, you can like it with Facebook, Pin-it, etc so all can see your gift suggestions.

Then relax and let us help them arrange that special 'unexpected' gift...

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