About Connector Jewels

Originall developed by us in 2011, Connector Jewels is a unique jewellery concept. A single necklace consists of typically four interchangeable sections each fitted with specially designed stainless steel magnetic clasps. Hence the Connector Jewels necklaces can transform into wristlets, anklets, and even belts. One necklace with have more than 12 different options for you to personalise your fashion and the way you choose to wear it. We ourselves have devised more than 25 ways with some of our designs!

We source unique and sometimes rare components from around the globe to produce very specific styles. With materials such as Horse Shoe Nail pendants from France to colourful beads from Tibet, our designs are often one-of-a-kind or limited-edition pieces. We also maintain a core range of hand-crafted designs.

Both our product and company are designed with three core principles in mind: Quality, Community, and Funnity.


We offer precious, semi-precious, and affordable designs incorporating many diverse materials such as sterling silver, pearls, agate, stone and crystals. The individual components are hand selected then the jewellery itself is finished by hand. Even the magnetic clasp itself is custom designed and hand machined from high-grade stainless steel to prevent tarnish and minimize metal allergies.


A Social Product with a Social Purpose. We are proud that Connector Jewels is primarily a product that offers individuals and communities the opportunity to earn additional income or to develop self-esteem and pride. We work directly with and purchase our components from artisans living in developing and third world countries. We are thrilled that the ethically creating Connect Jewels provides economic opportunities for the artisans, their families and their communities possibly not otherwise available, all whilst bringing their skilful crafting to you.


Connector Jewels isn't just a fun product, it's an experience! No matter the style - from classic pearls to unique charms - all our necklaces and pieces are designed to be shared and connected with family and friends. Your options are almost limitless with the interchangeability of Connector Jewels jewellery.

As I continue to search the globe for fresh colours, materials, combinations and designs I welcome your feedback for ideas or special requests!

Thank you for visiting Connector Jewels, and Happy eCommerce!



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